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From Drew Kutcharian <>
Subject Possible design flaw in "Cassandra By Example" blog
Date Wed, 13 Apr 2011 22:07:58 GMT
Hi Everyone,

I was going thru Cassandra By Example Blog
and I had a question about the user sign up section:

username = 'jericevans'
password = '**********'
useruuid = str(uuid())
columns = {'id': useruuid, 'username': username, 'password': password}
USER.insert(useruuid, columns)
USERNAME.insert(username, {'id': useruuid})

How can I guarantee that USERNAME.insert(username, {'id': useruuid}) won't overwrite someone
else's account. What I mean is how can I guarantee that a user's username doesn't already
exist in Cassandra? I know I can check first, but in a highly concurrent environment, there's
a possibility that between USER.insert(useruuid, columns) and USERNAME.insert(username, {'id':
useruuid}) someone else does the same USERNAME.insert(username, {'id': useruuid}) and hijack
the user's account.

Seems like that USERNAME is something that the author has added since it's missing in original
Twissandra source code.



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