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From Sheng Chen <>
Subject Heavy writes ok for single node, but failed for cluster
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2011 08:32:53 GMT
I succeeded to insert 1 billion records into a single node cassandra,
>> bin/stress -d cas01 -o insert -n 1000000000 -c 5 -S 34 -C5 -t 20
Inserts finished in about 14 hours at a speed of 20k/sec.

But when I added another node, tests always failed with UnavailableException
in an hour.
>> bin/stress -d cas01,cas02 -o insert -n 1000000000 -c 5 -S 34 -C5 -t 20
Writes speed is also 20k/sec because of the bottleneck in the client, so the
pressure on each server node should be 50% of the single node test.
Why couldn't they handle?

By default, rf=1, consistency=ONE

Some information that may be helpful,
1. no warn/error in log file, the cluster is still alive after those
2. the last logs on both nodes happen to be a compaction complete info
3. gossip log shows one node is dead and then up again in 3 seconds
4. I set hinted_handoff_enabled: false, but still see lots of handoff logs

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