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From Baskar Duraikannu <>
Subject Performance tests using stress testing tool
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2011 10:38:02 GMT
I have setup 4 node cluster for testing and all of them have around 25gb of

I ran a read and write tests using 100 and 200 threads with each thread
reading or writing 50 columns with quorum consistency using stress tool
against 4 nodes

Test servers have 4 cores and 16gb of ram.

While running the test
a) I am not seeing cpu usage more  than 10pct. In some of the forums, i see
that 8 cpu 32 gb is considered as good sweet spot for cassandra. Is this
true? Also when would I see real cpu spikes. At this moment looks like 4
core is more than sufficient.

B) iostat -x is reporting avgqueue size of around 0.25 and await time of
around 30 ms.  What would be acceptable queue size and await time?

Please help


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