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From Brad Willard <>
Subject Cluster Installation Verification
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2011 17:27:41 GMT
I'm trying to setup a cassandra cluster with 0.7.4 on 4 nodes. I
initially did a single server test that went beautifully with a test
that inserted 16 million rows with no issues. However when I tried to
create a 4 node cluster I've been seeing weird behavior. I seem to be
able to run my same test without errors, however when I use the
cassanda-cli to look at the data, it appears as though nothing has
been inserted. I verified the server I've connected to, verified the
correct keyspace and column family. I've already used the nodetool to
verify all the other servers are listed in the ring.

I followed these instructions for the setup:

So how can I verify my cluster is working correctly?  Any help would
be amazing as I'm evaluating this for my company.


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