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From "Baskar Duraikannu" <>
Subject Re: Help on decommission
Date Tue, 12 Apr 2011 19:25:03 GMT
No. I stopped the stress test before issuing decommission command. So, it was not under ANY

I waited for over an hour and nothing changed. 

Then , I turned on DEBUG in the and then restarted the Cassandra process

As soon as I restarted, the decommissioned node left the cluster and everything was back to

Have you seen this behaviour before? 

From: Jonathan Colby 
Sent: Tuesday, April 12, 2011 3:15 PM
Subject: Re: Help on decommission

how long as it been in Leaving status?   Is the cluster under stress test load while you are
doing the decommission? 

On Apr 12, 2011, at 6:53 PM, Baskar Duraikannu wrote:

  I have setup a 4 node cluster for testing. When I setup the cluster, I have setup initial
tokens in such a way that each gets 25% of load and then started the node with autobootstrap=false.

  After all nodes are up, I loaded data using the stress test tool with replication factor
of 3.  As per of my testing, I am trying to remove one of the node using "nodetool decomission"
but the node seems to be stuck in "leaving" status. 

  How do I check whether it is doing any work at all? Please help

  [root@localhost bin]# ./nodetool -h ring
  Address         Status State   Load            Owns    Token
                                                         127605887595351923798765477786913079296    Up     Leaving 119.41 MB       25.00%  0    Up     Normal  116.23 MB       25.00%  42535295865117307932921825928971026432    Up     Normal  119.93 MB       25.00%  85070591730234615865843651857942052864    Up     Normal  116.21 MB       25.00%  127605887595351923798765477786913079296

  [root@localhost bin]# ./nodetool -h netstats
  Mode: Leaving: streaming data to other nodes
  Streaming to: /
           progress=120929157/120929157 - 100%
           progress=0/3361291 - 0%
  Not receiving any streams.
  Pool Name                    Active   Pending      Completed
  Commands                        n/a         0             17
  Responses                       n/a         0         108109

  [root@usnynyc1cass02 bin]# ./nodetool -h netstats
  Mode: Normal
  Not sending any streams.
  Streaming from: /
     Keyspace1: /var/lib/cassandra/data/Keyspace1/Standard1-f-2-Data.db/(0,3361291)
           progress=0/3361291 - 0%
  Pool Name                    Active   Pending      Completed
  Commands                        n/a         0             11
  Responses                       n/a         0         107879


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