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From John Lennard <>
Subject JNA C library errors on OSX
Date Mon, 25 Apr 2011 12:52:23 GMT

I am currently testing the current 0.8 beta on my OSX development machine and when cassandra
is starting up i am seeing errors from the JNA code as below.

john@balorama bin $ sudo -u cassandra ./cassandra -f
 INFO 00:04:18,013 Logging initialized
 INFO 00:04:18,027 Heap size: 2126512128/2126512128
 INFO 00:04:18,078 Unable to link C library. Native methods will be disabled.


From here Cassandra continues to run, however, without native method support.

I have tested running Cassandra as root, the logged in user and the cassandra user along with
the most recent JNA and a version compiled from trunk. I have also tried running cassandra
with out any of the start up scripts and still the same error, simple tests where by i have
removed the CLibrary class and code that causes the fault seem to allow the c library to be

I am about to build a version from source to add in some stack traces where the error is handled
but was wondering if anyone else has seen this. 


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