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From Tomas Vondra>
Subject Re: decommissioning a wrong node
Date Sun, 24 Apr 2011 09:53:54 GMT
Dne 24.4.2011 04:32, Edward Capriolo napsal(a):
> 2011/4/23 Tomas Vondra <>:
>> BTW all the nodes are running on the same machine and are set up using
>> virtual IPs. Not sure if this is important (I don't think it should).
>> regards
>> Tomas
> Ah ha. JMX binds to it's port on EVERY interface on the system. So
> since you are not specifying a port it is defaulting to 8080 and
> decommissioning that one. You probably set the other ones up as 8001
> 8002 but I am no psychic.

Oh, the nodetool uses JMX and not the storage port directly? Hm, that
probably makes sense.

And yes, you're right - the nodes use different ports (8080, 8082 and
8083). So nodetool connects to and uses the default JMX port
(8080, corresponding to node1) and sends 'decommission' command. Once I
specify the port the right node is decommissioned ...

Is there a way to bind the JMX to a specified IP only? It seems there's
just '' and no way to specify a host.


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