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From mcasandra <>
Subject CF config for Stress Test
Date Fri, 08 Apr 2011 23:10:16 GMT
I am starting a stress test using hector on 6 node machine 4GB heap and 12
core. In hectore readme this is what I got by default:

create keyspace StressKeyspace
    with replication_factor = 3
    and placement_strategy = 'org.apache.cassandra.locator.SimpleStrategy';

use StressKeyspace;
drop column family StressStandard;
create column family StressStandard
    with comparator = UTF8Type
    and keys_cached = 10000
    and memtable_flush_after = 1440
    and memtable_throughput = 32;

Are these good values? I was thinking of highher keys_cached but not sure if
it's in bytes or no of keys.

Also not sure how to tune memtable values.

I have set concurrent_readers to 32 and writers to 48.

Can someone please help me with good values that I can start this test with?

Also, any other suggested values that I need to change?


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