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From Roland Gude <>
Subject AW: Two versions of schema
Date Mon, 18 Apr 2011 09:15:34 GMT
Schema updates in cassandra tickle through the cluster over time very much like normal writes
But they keep some state indicating the "parent" schema and they will only be applied to some
node if the parent schema is correct thus asserting the correct order of schema changes. This
process is subject to failure for instance because of nodes being down or network errors.
If such a failure happens there it's still possible that everything is relatively easy fixed.
Take down the node that missed the updates (use drain) and bring it back only. This might
work (and does not take that long). If it does not take it down again (again drain) delete
the data in the system keyspace. Bring it back online.

There is however a situation where you are really screwed. It is when you issue updates concurrently
to different nodes. The schema versions will disagree and there is now possibility to bring
them back to the same version again. In this case you need to select one node, bring down
all nodes that have a different schema, delete their system keyspace and bring them back.

Schema changes should not be seen as something that can be done regularly. It should not be
done programmatically. There should always be some operator looking at the cluster verifying
that all nodes are reachable and ring is ok. And then issue schema changes one at a time using
the cli.


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Von: mcasandra [] 
Gesendet: Freitag, 15. April 2011 21:04
Betreff: Two versions of schema

Is there a problem?

[default@StressKeyspace] update column family StressStandard with
Waiting for schema agreement...
The schema has not settled in 10 seconds; further migrations are ill-advised
until it does.
Versions are 854ee0a0-6792-11e0-81f9-93d987913479:[,,,,,,],22d165ff-6783-11e0-81f9-93d987913479:[]

I remember reading somewhere before that when you have 2 versions of schemas
you are basically in trouble. Can someone explain what it means and it's

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