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From Jeremy Hanna <>
Subject Re: Upgrade to a different version?
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2011 02:11:13 GMT

Don't feel like you have to hold back when it comes to feedback.  There is a place to vote
on releases.  If you have something that could potentially be critical that you can isolate,
by all means chime in.  Even if your vote isn't binding if you are not a committer, votes
with something credible behind them get taken seriously.  Votes happen on the dev@cassandra
mailing list.  Alternately, feel free to create Jira tickets any time.

Also, there are unit tests, integration tests, and distributed tests.  If you feel like you
can add to any of these, please get involved.  It sounds like you already do internal testing
so it might be fairly simple to add to some of these tests.  Wrt the distributed tests, some
devs at twitter along with others have contributed a distributed test harness for Cassandra
which has been in 0.7 since 0.7.1.  See CASSANDRA-1859 for the beginning and
for the latest.  This uses apache whirr to spin up some nodes and runs tests over them.

In any case, we all want to make a solid release and if you have specifics on what can make
it better, it would benefit the whole community.


On Mar 16, 2011, at 2:36 PM, Paul Pak wrote:

> Sorry guys, that was meant to be private.  My opinion stands, but I
> didn't want to hurt any of the dev's feelings by being too frank.  I
> think the progress has been good in new features, but I feel we have
> taken a step back in relability and scalability since so many features
> were added without adequate testing.  Hopefully, at some point soon, it
> will get better and doing a data import job won't take a cassandra
> cluster to it's knees or we won't experience stop the world GC issues
> and have out of memory errors from routine usage.
> Paul
> On 3/16/2011 2:13 PM, Paul Pak wrote:
>> Hi Jake,
>> I'm sending this privately, because I wanted to tell you my opinion frankly.
>> I don't know about the .6 series or .74, but so far, all of the .7
>> series of cassandra has been a disaster.  I would think twice about
>> switching to anything in .7 series to production until things stabilize
>> and at least one reasonably large site starts using cassandra .7. 
>> Jonathan claims reddit is using cassandra, but it can't be a good
>> experience with the type of bugs that have been found.
>> .70 had data corruption issues
>> .71 also had data corruption issues, had major issues with anything over
>> 2 gigs in memory
>> .72 issues with reading properly
>> .73 had major issues with anything over 2 gigs in memory, had issues
>> with performance due to flushing rules being broken, many people had
>> huge issues with large amounts of insertions, and a few had startup issues.
>> .74 too new to say.
>> In either case, do a lot of testing for your use case before switching
>> as things in the .7 series are still way in development.  I've talked to
>> Jonathan about putting it into beta status because of the severity of
>> the bugs, but so far, there has been no decision to do so.  Good luck.
>> Paul
>> On 3/16/2011 1:21 PM, Jake Maizel wrote:
>>> We are running 0.6.6 and are considering upgrading to either 0.6.8 or
>>> one of the 0.7.x releases.  What is the recommended version and
>>> procedure?  What are the issues we face?  Are there any specific
>>> storage gotchas we need to be aware of?  Are there any docs around
>>> this process for review?
>>> Thanks,
>>> jake

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