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From Aditya Narayan <>
Subject What would be a good strategy for Storing the large text contents like blog posts in Cassandra.
Date Sun, 06 Mar 2011 17:35:16 GMT
What would be a good strategy to store large text content/(blog posts
of around 1500-3000 characters)  in cassandra? I need to store these
blog posts along with their metadata like bloggerId, blogTags. I am
looking forward to store this data in a single row giving each
attribute a single column. So one blog per row. Is using a single
column for a large blog post like this a good strategy?

Next, I also need to store the blogComments which I am planning to
store all, in another single row. 1 comment per column. Thus the
entire information about the a single comment like  commentBody,
commentor would be serialized(using google Protocol buffers) and
stored in a single column,
For storing the no. of likes of each comment itself,  I am planning to
keep a counter_column, in the same row, for each comment that will
hold an no. specifiying no. of 'likes' of that comment.

Any suggestions on the above design highly appreciated.. Thanks.

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