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From Norman Maurer <>
Subject Re: Storing photos, images, docs etc.
Date Wed, 02 Mar 2011 08:26:46 GMT
2011/3/2 Peter Schuller <>:
>> Is it advisable or ok to store photos, images and docs in cassandra where you
>> expect high volume of uploads and views?
> To diverge a bit from the direction the thread is going: You can
> definitely store large files in Cassandra. I would recommend against
> doing so by simply smacking entire files into column values simple
> because the architecture is such that columns are assumed to be
> reasonably sized (lots of them fitting in memory, lots of temporary
> columns are okay to create, etc).
> Off the top of my head my starting point would be using one row per
> file and splitting the actual content up into columns. For dealing
> with larger files you may wish to consider splitting into multiple
> rows so that even individual files can get replicated across a cluster
> (avoids single very large files causing out-of-disk or performance
> problems on an individual node, and allows an individual file to enjoy
> scaling out for performance).

Hector has some InputStream/OutputStream implementation for doing such
stuff since the last release.  See:

Maybe it helps.


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