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From A J <>
Subject cassandra.yaml
Date Wed, 02 Mar 2011 17:18:59 GMT
I am trying to setup a cluser (for the first time) of a few nodes. Had
a few questions related to that.

I want the following properties in my cluster:
1. Not to use RP but BOP
2. Specify initial token myself on each node.
3. Change a few memtable defaults.
4. For Keyspaces to use NetworkTopologyStrategy rather than the
default SimpleStrategy. I wish to specify how many copies each DC
should carry.

For the above I changed the cassandra.yaml and files appropriately on the first node.

My question is: For the rest of the nodes, do I have to make all of
the above changes first to their respective config files or just a
smaller subset such as (listen_address, seed, autobootstrap and
rpc_address) ? What happens if there is a conflict between the yaml
files on different nodes (say one says RP and other says BOP. Or say
one says PropertyFileSnitch and the other says SimpleSnitch)?

Is there a good post or video tutorial somewhere that walks step by
step of cassandra cluster setup, which talks of all these and then how
to change various knobs (tokens,replication_factor, etc) and see their effect on the cluster

Many thanks.

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