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From Norman Maurer <>
Subject Re: Splitting the data of a single blog into 2 CFs (to implement effective caching) according to views.
Date Tue, 08 Mar 2011 07:13:51 GMT
Yeah this make sense as far as I can tell.


2011/3/8 Aditya Narayan <>

> My application  displays list of several blogs' overview data (like
> blogTitle/ nameOfBlogger/ shortDescrption for each blog) on 1st page (in
> very much similar manner like Digg's newsfeed) and when the user selects a
> particular blog to see., the application takes him to that specific blog's
> full page view which displays entire data of the blog.
> Thus I am trying to split a blog's data in *two rows*, in two **different
> CFs ** (one CF is row-cached(with less amount of data in each row) and
> another(with each row having entire remaining blog data) without caching).
> Data for 1st page view (like titles and other overview data of a blog) are
> put in a row in 1st CF. This CF is cached so as to improve the performance
> of heavily read data. Only the data from cached CF is read for 1st page. The
> other remaining data(bulk amount of text of blog and entire comments data)
> are stored as another row in 2nd CF. For 2nd page, **rows from both of the
> two CFs have to be read**. This will take two read operations.
> Does this seem to be a good design ?

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