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From Aaron Turner <>
Subject RTG/MRTG/Cricket replacement using Cassandra?
Date Thu, 31 Mar 2011 22:56:39 GMT
I've been looking at replacing our PostgreSQL backend for RTG (a SNMP
based polling and graphing solution for network traffic/ports) with
something using Cassandra in order to solve our scalability and
redundancy requirements.  Based on a lot of what I've read, Cassandra
is an ideal data store for this  time series data.  In fact, Eric
Evans in his presentation on the Cassandra home page suggests that
this kind of use case is perfect for Cassandra.

So this got me wondering if someone had already come up with a CF
model for this kind of data, including daily/weekly/monthly/yearly
rollups.  Perhaps there's even an open source project or two
implementing this sorta thing?  I've found flewton
(, which is possibly relevant, but
my Java skills are pretty non-existent so I'm having a hard time
figuring it out.


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