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From Dario Bravo <>
Subject Starter GUI Tool for Windows
Date Sat, 26 Mar 2011 02:04:34 GMT
People: Crapssandra.

I'm starting a Cassandra project and starting to learn about this beautiful
Cassandra, so I thougth that it would be nice to have a db gui tool under my
current OS.

It doesn't do anything other than showing some info about the server or the
selected keyspace... but I hope it'll do many things such as manage
keyspaces, column families, columns and super columns, show data contained
on columns, allow to perform queries (get, set, mostly), etc.

If anyone wishes to help in any way, please feel free to download the code
and modify it.

It's called Crapssandra because it started as a crappy simple code and it's
features are gonna be developed as I need them... so it will have crappy
code, mostly.

It's done using .net 3.5 and Thrift.

The address to download it and it's source code is:

<>Hope this helps someone, that the app
grow as I wish, and to get some help from the community.


DarĂ­o Bravo

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