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From Joshua Partogi <>
Subject Re: Upgrade to a different version?
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2011 01:03:49 GMT
So did you downgraded it back to 0.6.x series?

On Thu, Mar 17, 2011 at 6:36 AM, Paul Pak <> wrote:
> Sorry guys, that was meant to be private.  My opinion stands, but I
> didn't want to hurt any of the dev's feelings by being too frank.  I
> think the progress has been good in new features, but I feel we have
> taken a step back in relability and scalability since so many features
> were added without adequate testing.  Hopefully, at some point soon, it
> will get better and doing a data import job won't take a cassandra
> cluster to it's knees or we won't experience stop the world GC issues
> and have out of memory errors from routine usage.
> Paul
> On 3/16/2011 2:13 PM, Paul Pak wrote:
>> Hi Jake,
>> I'm sending this privately, because I wanted to tell you my opinion frankly.
>> I don't know about the .6 series or .74, but so far, all of the .7
>> series of cassandra has been a disaster.  I would think twice about
>> switching to anything in .7 series to production until things stabilize
>> and at least one reasonably large site starts using cassandra .7.
>> Jonathan claims reddit is using cassandra, but it can't be a good
>> experience with the type of bugs that have been found.
>> .70 had data corruption issues
>> .71 also had data corruption issues, had major issues with anything over
>> 2 gigs in memory
>> .72 issues with reading properly
>> .73 had major issues with anything over 2 gigs in memory, had issues
>> with performance due to flushing rules being broken, many people had
>> huge issues with large amounts of insertions, and a few had startup issues.
>> .74 too new to say.
>> In either case, do a lot of testing for your use case before switching
>> as things in the .7 series are still way in development.  I've talked to
>> Jonathan about putting it into beta status because of the severity of
>> the bugs, but so far, there has been no decision to do so.  Good luck.
>> Paul
>> On 3/16/2011 1:21 PM, Jake Maizel wrote:
>>> We are running 0.6.6 and are considering upgrading to either 0.6.8 or
>>> one of the 0.7.x releases.  What is the recommended version and
>>> procedure?  What are the issues we face?  Are there any specific
>>> storage gotchas we need to be aware of?  Are there any docs around
>>> this process for review?
>>> Thanks,
>>> jake


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