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From Jason Harvey <>
Subject SSTables which can't be scrubbed or exported
Date Wed, 23 Mar 2011 08:27:45 GMT
Since the 0.7 upgrade, I've been going through and scrubbing all of
our sstables on 0.7.4. Some of the tables have completely unordered
keys, and the scrub fails to work on those tables. In those cases, I
export the sstable via sstable2json, and reimport it with

Tonight I've ran into a new issue with 3 sstables with unordered keys.
They are all three failing when I try to export via sstable2json. What
is even scarier is that these three tables were created within the
last few days, on 0.7.4.

Is there any case where tables should be written with unordered keys?

I updated the following ticket, just in case this is a bug:


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