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From Shaun Cutts <>
Subject question about replicas & dynamic response to load
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2011 17:59:46 GMT

In our project our usage pattern is likely to be quite variable -- high for a a few days,
then lower, etc could vary as much (or more) as 10x from peak to "non-peak". Also, much of
our data is immutable -- but there is a considerable amount of it -- perhaps in the single
digit TBs. Finally, we are hosting with amazon.

I'm looking for advice on how to vary the number of nodes dynamically, in order to reduce
our hosting costs at non-peak times. I worry that just adding "new" nodes in response to demand
will make things worse -- at least temporarily -- as the new node copies data to itself; then
bringing it down will also cause a degradation.

I'm wondering if it is possible to bring up exact copies of other nodes? Or alternately to
take down a populated node containing (only?) immutable data, then bring it up again when
the need arises?

Are there reference/reading materials(/blogs) concerning dynamically varying number of nodes
in response to demand?


-- Shaun

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