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From aaron morton <>
Date Fri, 25 Mar 2011 02:10:04 GMT
Was there anything in the server logs during startup ?

I've not heard of this happening before and it's hard think of how / why cassandra could revert
it's data. Other than something external playing with the files on disk 


On 25 Mar 2011, at 13:49, Jared Laprise wrote:

> Hello all, I’m running 2 Cassandra 6.5 nodes and I brought down the secondary node
and restarted the primary node. After Cassandra came back up all data has been reverted to
several months ago.
> I could really use some incite here, this is a production website and I need to act quickly.
I have a cron job that takes a snapshot every night, but even with that I tried to restore
a snapshot on my local development environment and it was also missing a ton of data.
> Any help will be so appreciated.

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