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From aaron morton <>
Subject Re: cassandra in-production experiences with .7 series
Date Sun, 06 Mar 2011 03:20:41 GMT
Hi paul, 0.7 has had some problems but I think it's settling down. Hopefully some more people
with public facing sites can comment. 

WRT some of your other questions:
- I'm not aware of any specific performance issues with multi gets (multiget_slice) can you
be more specific. 
- You can implement paging through repeated calls to get_range_slice or get_slice, come higher
levels provide explicit support for this. AFAIK there are no plans to add SQL style LIMIT-OFFSET
support to the API.  see
- I'm not aware of any specific 0.7 memory issues, if anything memory management under 0.7
is better. You will still need to size the JVM appropriately and configure things to match
your workload. Do you have any specific concerns. 

Hope that helps. 

On 6/03/2011, at 11:27 AM, Paul Pak wrote:

> Hello all,
> I was wondering if people could share their overall experiences with
> using .7 series of Cassandra in production?  Is anyone using it?
> I see a lot of people have troubles on the list, but it's hard to see
> which issues get resolved and which remain.  So I was wondering how many
> people actually use Cassandra in production and have had good or bad
> experiences.
> Also, if you found the .7 series to not work out in testing and stopped
> there, I'm interested in those experiences as well.  What did you
> discover in testing that made you stop?
> I'm a little concerned about multi-get performance, lack of paging
> support, and possible node memory management issues.
> Also, any opinions on .7.3?  I know it's just out, but would love to
> know what people think.  Anyone put it through it's paces yet?
> Thanks!
> Paul

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