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From mcasandra <>
Subject Re: How to determine if repair need to be run
Date Tue, 29 Mar 2011 19:59:44 GMT
Looks like you didn't get to see my updated post :) This is the scenario I
was referring to:

Say Node A, B, C. Now A is inconsistent and needs repair. Now after a day
Node B goes down and comes up. Now both nodes are inconsistent. Even with
Quorum this will fail read and write by returning inconsistent results when
A & B are used as Quorum.

So we need to remember to run repair on A ASAP. But if we rely on doing it
somepoint later we run into issues as stated above. I really think this is
needs to be beefed up with monitoring. This will help developers to not to
operational stuff. And operations team can easily monitor and run command to
reduce customer impact.

Is it really complicated to expose this monitoring in Cassandra? Could there
be a configuration parameter that defines the threshold or monitor if it is
consistently increasing in no. of inconsistent writes?

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