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From mcasandra <>
Subject Re: Storing photos, images, docs etc.
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2011 20:44:10 GMT
Well it's not just metadata that I need to store but also Username, profiles,
followers etc. What I meant was store the location of the images along with
other information that I described above. And when user queries them then
pull it from the file sytem.

Most of the high volume sites (facebook, flickr, Digg etc.) currently seem
to be storing location/URI in the DB and actual blobs(images/docs) etc. on
the distributed file system. Some have written on their own and some are
using MogileFS, Lustre etc.

Can't use S3 since the requirement is to keep everything within the network
so that it's secure and under control.

Initially I thought Cassandra could be used for both row data and as well as
large files. But from what I've read and suggestions that I've got it looks
like I need to look at distributed file system which is fault taulrent and
also scales well. After reading online I can come up with only few options
like lustre, glusterfs and mogileFS to store large files. As you mentioned
lustreFS needs kernel tweaking/volume creation etc. Still trying to read
more about glusterFS. And mogileFS last updated date on the site is back in
2010 so not sure if it's still widely supported (in case of issues :)).

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