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From Oleg Proudnikov <>
Subject New Generation Size guidelines
Date Fri, 04 Feb 2011 21:45:40 GMT
Hi All,

I have a 3 server cluster with RF=2. My heap is 2G out of a 4G RAM. The servers
have 4 cores. I used default heap settings. The Eden space ended up around 60M
and the Survivor spaces are around 7M. This feels a little bit low for a process
that creates so much short-lived garbage. I just wanted to get your thoughts on
this. Space used in the Old Generation stays in a short range 1.2G-1.6G but when
the activity is low and I force GC it drops too 120M. It feels like there is a
lot of garbage that does not have a chance to get collected. The server is
running a batch load and its CPUs are 10-40% busy. The higher value is at 1.6G.
Yet I am reluctant to push my data load because I do hit OOMs.

The amount of data loaded so far is small - around 100G in total.

Should I increase my Gew Generation size?

Thank you,

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