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From Victor Kabdebon <>
Subject Re: Cassandra memory consumption
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2011 14:49:39 GMT
Yes I didn't see there was 2 different parameters. I was personally setting
( in cassandra 0.6.6 ) MemTableThoughputInMB, but I don't know what
BinaryMemtableThroughtputInMB is.

And I take this opportunity to ask a question :
If you have a small amount of data per key so that your memtable is maybe a
few Ko big. Is the memory footprint of the memtable going to be
MemTableThoughputInMB mb or few Ko + overhead ?

Ruslan I have seen your question in the other mail and I have the same
problem. How many CF do you have ?

2011/2/16 ruslan usifov <>

> Each of your 21 column families will have its own memtable if you have
>> the default memtable settings your memory usage will grow quite large
>> over time. Have you tuned down your memtable size?
> Which config parameter make this? binary_memtable_throughput_in_mb?

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