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From Kallin Nagelberg <>
Subject cassandra as session store
Date Tue, 01 Feb 2011 17:18:32 GMT
I am currently investigating Cassandra for storing what are
effectively web sessions. Our production environment has about 10 high
end servers behind a load balancer, and we'd like to add distributed
session support. My main concerns are performance, consistency, and
the ability to create unique session keys. The last thing we would
want is users picking up each others sessions. After spending a few
days investigating Cassandra I'm thinking of creating a single
keyspace with a single super-column-family. The scf would store a few
standard columns, and a supercolumn of arbitrary session attributes,

0s809sdf8s908sf90s: {
prop1: x,
created : timestamp,
lastAccessed: timestamp,
prop2: y,
arbirtraryProperties : {

Does this sound like a reasonable use case? We are on a tight timeline
and I'm currently on the fence about getting something up and running
like this on a tight timeline.


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