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From Kallin Nagelberg <>
Subject Re: unique key generation
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2011 03:38:22 GMT
Pretty sure it also uses mac address, so chances are very slim. I'll check
out time uuid too, thanks.

On 7 Feb 2011 17:11, "Victor Kabdebon" <> wrote:

Hello Kallin.
If you use timeUUID the chance to generate two time the same uuid is the
following :
considering that both client generate the uuid at the *same millisecond*,
the chance of generating the same uuid is :

1/1.84467441 × 1019Which is equal to the probability for winning a national
lottery for 1e11 days in a row ( for 270 million years).
Well if you do have a collision you should play the lottery :).

Best regards,
Victor Kabdebon

2011/2/7 Kallin Nagelberg <>

> Hey,
> I am developing a session management system using Cassandra and need
> to generate uni...

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