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From abhinav prakash rai <>
Subject regarding space taken by different column families in Cassandra
Date Wed, 09 Feb 2011 07:16:39 GMT
I am using 4 column family in my application , the result of cfstats for
space taken by different CF are as below-

CF1-    Space used (live)  :    7196159547
               Space used (total):     14214373706
CF2-       Space used (live)  :    2456495851

               Space used (total):     9065746112

CF3-       Space used (live)  :    2864007861

               Space used (total) :    6114084611

CF4-       Space used (live)  :    1531088094
               Space used (total) :    3433016989

where as I can see the total size of data directory is 17GB which is not
equal to ALL Space used (total) by above 4 column families. If I assume Space
used (total) is in byte the sum is coming to about 32 GB which is not the
space taken by data_file_directories.

Some one can help to know how much space is used by each CF's ?

I am using replication_factor= 1.


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