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From Shotaro Kamio <>
Subject Inconsistent result in super range slice query (reversed order)
Date Thu, 17 Feb 2011 15:35:54 GMT

We are in trouble with a strange behavior in cassandra 0.7.2 (also
happened in 0.7.0). Could someone help us?

The problem happens on a column family of super column type named "Order".
Data structure is something like:
  Order[ a_key ][ date + "/" + order_id + "/" (+ suffix) ][attribute] = value

For example,
 Order[ "100" ][ "20031210022059/190209-20031210-4476885-s/" ]
 is a super column.
Because we want to scan them in the latest-first order, range slice
query with reversed order is used. (Partitioner is

In some supercolumns in my cassandra instance, reversed query returns
no result while it should have results.
For instance,

* Range slice in normal (lexical)-order ( Order[ "100" ] [ from
"20031210" to "20031210022059/190209-20031210-4476885-s/z" ] ) will
return results correctly.


* Range slice in reversed (latest-first)-order ( Order[ "100" ] [ from
"20031210022059/190209-20031210-4476885-s/z" to  "20031210" ] ) will
return NO result!

Note that the super column name
"20031210022059/190209-20031210-4476885-s/z" doesn't exist. The query
should work. And, it succeeds in other super columns.

* Range slice in reversed (latest-first)-order starting from existing
column name ( Order[ "100" ] [ from
"20031210022059/190209-20031210-4476885-s/0" to "20031210" ] ) will
return results which should return.

Both pycassa and hector show the same behavior on the same column
name. I guess that cassandra has some logical error.

I'll appreciate any help.

Best reagards,

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