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From Alexandru Dan Sicoe <>
Subject Is Cassandra suitable for my problem?
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2011 20:45:20 GMT

I'm currently doing my masters project. I need to store lots of time series
data of any type (String, int, booleans, arrays of the previous) with a high
writing rate(20MBytes/sec -> 170TBytes/year - note not running continuously)
but less strict read requirements. This is monitoring data from a vast
distributed network. The queries will be something like: give me this data
between Time1 and Time2.

The hardware that I have available is between 2 and 5 hosts.


                   Should I use Cassandra?

                   Suggestions of how to structure the data? (I read
Cloudkick's blog but I
found that it doesn't give too much detail)

Any help is much appreciated,


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