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From Mimi Aluminium <>
Subject node failure, and automatic decommission (or removetoken)
Date Sun, 27 Feb 2011 18:41:57 GMT
I have a question about a tool or a wrapper that perform automatic data move
upon node failure?
Assuming I have  3 nodes with a replication factor of 3. In case of one node
failure, does the third replica (that was located before on the failed node
) re-appears on one the of live nodes?
I am looking for something that is similar to Hinted Handoff but with with a
viable that can be read.
I know we can stream manually the data (using nodetool move or
decommissions), but is there something automatic?
I also found an open ticket 957 but was not sure this is what I am looking

Miriam Allalouf, PhD
Storage & Network Research
IBM, Haifa Research Labs
Tel: 972-3-7689525
Mobile: 972-52-3664129

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