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From "Wangpei (Peter)" <>
Subject Re: Partitioning
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2011 08:38:34 GMT
I have same question.
I read the source code of NetworkTopologyStrategy, seems it always put replica on the first
nodes on the ring of the DC.
If I am misunderstand, It seems those nodes will became hot spot.
Why NetworkTopologyStrategy works that way? is there some alternative can avoid this shortcoming?

Thanks in advance.


发件人: Aaron Morton []
发送时间: 2011年2月16日 3:56
主题: Re: Partitioning

You can using the Network Topology Strategy see|(network)#Network_topology

and NetworkTopologyStrategy in the  conf/cassandra.yaml file.

You can control the number of replicas to each DC.

Also look at conf/ for information on how to tell cassandra about
your network topology.


On 16 Feb, 2011,at 05:10 AM, "RW>N" <> wrote:

I am new to Cassandra and am evaluating it.

Following diagram is how my setup will be:
Here each oval represents one data center. I want to keep N=4. i.e. four
copies of every Column Family. I want one copy in each data-center. In
other words, COMPLETE database must be contained in each of the data

1. Is this possible ? If so, how do I configure (partitioner, replica etc) ?



P.S excuse my multiple posting of the same. I am unable to subscribe for
some reason.
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