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From Filip Nguyen <>
Subject Re: Limit on amount of CFs
Date Sun, 13 Feb 2011 10:45:59 GMT

On 13.2.2011 11:40, Peter Schuller wrote:
>> Reading in the documentation (specially on the tuning section) is clear the
>> the number of Column Families affects the performance, in particular the
>> amount of memory assigned to the heap.
>> My question is: What's the hard limit on the number of CFs?
>> Does anybody implemented an application with large number of CFs? if so,
>> whats that number?
> There's no meaningful hard limit as such that I am aware of, but the
> idea is that you have few of them (meaning usually below 10 or so,
> maybe more sometimes, but not hundreds or thousands).
But when modeling the application I understand so far that ColumnFamily is sort 
of "table with objects". In typical application there are lot of tables so why 
is the mindset set towards having more or less 10 ColumnFamilies?
Even in this trivial example there are already 7 CFs
So what is best practice to create applications using Cassandra? Divide 
application to more parts and create Keyspace for each one of them?

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