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From E S <>
Subject Confused about get_slice SliceRange behavior with bloom filter
Date Sun, 13 Feb 2011 06:37:13 GMT
I've gotten myself really confused by and am hoping someone can 
help me understand what the io behavior of this operation would be.

When I do a get_slice for a column range, will it seek to every SSTable?  I had 
thought that it would use the bloom filter on the row key so that it would only 
do a seek to SSTables that have a very high probability of containing columns 
for that row.  In the linked doc above, it seems to say that it is only used for 
exact column names.  Am I misunderstanding this?

On a related note, if instead of using a SliceRange I provide an explicit list 
of columns, will I have to read all SSTables that have values for the columns, 
or is it smart enough to stop after finding a value from the most recent 

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