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From mcasandra <>
Subject Performance tunning
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2011 00:56:32 GMT

I have completed intial evaluation of cassandra. There are few things that I
am still not comfortable with since I don't clearly understand them.

Have couple of questions:

1) When developing large applications and designing the data model, keys etc
what specifically are the things that one should consider when using

2) What things to monitor when doing stress test and what commands in
particular to run? 

3) Is there a nodetool command that gives the summary of cluster? nodetool
command seem to return info for only one "host". I can write a script if
there is no other way.

4) What's expected during hinted hand off and how to test this scenario?

5) How are keys hashed? this will help me find out which node it sits in.

That's it for now :)
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