if you are starting the cluster at once and not adding nodes to existed cluster try to calc the tokens. 

here is a python script to calc the tokens

def tokens(nodes):
also read the operation section in cassandra wiki http://wiki.apache.org/cassandra/Operations

thanks mark

On Sun, Jan 16, 2011 at 6:45 PM, Karl Hiramoto <karl@hiramoto.org> wrote:

I have a keyspace with  Replication Factor: 2
and it seems though that most of my data goes to one node.

What am I missing to have Cassandra balance more evenly?

./nodetool  -h host1 ring
Address         Status State   Load            Owns

82740373310283352874863875878673027619     Up     Normal  17.45 GB        77.48%
44427918469925720421829352515848570517     Up     Normal  8.1 GB          8.12%
58247356085106932369828800153350419939     Up     Normal  49.51 KB        1.66%
61078635599166706937511052402724559481     Up     Normal  54.48 KB        6.37%
71909504454725029906187464140698793550     Up     Normal  44.38 KB        6.37%

I use phpcasa as a client and it should randomly choose a host to
connect to.