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From indika kumara <>
Subject A Question about authorize method of IAuthority
Date Mon, 31 Jan 2011 09:54:06 GMT
Hi All,

Currently, there are two permissions - read and write, and there is no way
to know the current operation being performed such as add, update, etc. If
the operation is 'add', as the user is already logged into the system, I
would like to authorize the user for the resource going to add. I think it
is a valid use case, as the creator of a resource implicitly need to have
the authority to access it.

Current method

public EnumSet<Permission> authorize(AuthenticatedUser user, List<Object>

Purposed method

ission> authorize(AuthenticatedUser user, List<Object> resource, Action
action);    // Action is a enum and can be 'add', 'update', 'delete', etc.




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