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From Roshan Dawrani <>
Subject Basic question on a write operation immediately followed by a read
Date Tue, 25 Jan 2011 02:57:19 GMT

I have a basic question - maybe silly too.

Say, I have a 1-node Cassandra setup (no replication, eventual consistency,
etc) and I do an insert into a column family and then very close in time to
the insert, I do a read on it for the same data.

Is there a possibility that my read operation may miss the data that just
got inserted?

Since there are no DB transactions in Cassandra, are writes immediately seen
to readers - even partially as they get written?

Or can there be a delay sometimes due to flusing-to-SSTables, etc?

Or, the writes are first in-memory and immediately visible to readers and
flusing, etc is independent of all this and happens in background?


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