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From Roshan Dawrani <>
Subject Re: Basic question on a write operation immediately followed by a read
Date Tue, 25 Jan 2011 04:57:51 GMT
Thanks for your inputs, Victor.

In my app, it's a bit event driven.

We do writes and fire events and listeners then read - so we can't predict
how soon the reads will come. Sometimes they came too fast, which is better
for our app, if we can have a Cassandra DB level understanding that they
won't miss the writes, if they come too fast :-)

Or, if there is anything we should do to make sure that reads happen in an
assured manner.

On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 10:22 AM, Victor Kabdebon <
> wrote:

> Again don't take it as a 100% sure answer because it is not an area that I
> have really explored.
> So yes I think that reads are made from Memtables.
> Theoretically yes, however it is very unlikely : your get must be build and
> send before the commitlog updates the Memtable (which is like inserting in a
> Memtable, a matter of microseconds).
> Possible configuration : Just wait a second or so to do your "get" query (I
> imagine that it works after one second because you don't report this
> problem)... Other than that no not really. I have not done any application
> with those time constraints.
> Best regards,
> Victor Kabdebon
> 2011/1/24 Roshan Dawrani <>
>> On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 9:57 AM, Victor Kabdebon <
>>> wrote:
>>  As far as I remember, please correct me if I am wrong, on a one node
>>> cluster :
>>> First Commitlog is updated then almost immediatly after order is send to
>>> the memtable to add this new insert. You might have a very short delay
>>> between the two. I don't know your configuration but especially if you
>>> insert from a distant server to a node you should look at their sync..
>>> Otherwise if it doesn't appear I can offer no explanation for this
>>> behavior...
>> As of now, I am on an app server with an embedded cassandra server, so no
>> possibility of clocks out-of-sync.
>> So, I understand from you that client call returns after updating the
>> commit log and updates to memtables are async after that - with
>> how-much-ever short a delay tried by Cassandra?
>> And the reads are always off memtables?
>> So, theoretically, there is a possibility of a read missing a write
>> because it has not come to memtables from the commit log yet?
>> Is there anything that I can tell about my configuration that would help?

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