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From Ertio Lew <>
Subject What is be the best possible client option available to a PHP developer for implementing an application ready for production environments ?
Date Tue, 18 Jan 2011 01:22:21 GMT
What would be the best client option to go with in order to use
Cassandra through an application to be implemented in PHP.

It seems that PHP developers have a high barrier of entry to
Cassandra's world because of the unavailability of relatively mature,
developed and well proven client options (like Hector for Java
developers) that fits the requirements & provide features for
production environments.

In this case what would be the best option to go with in order to use
Cassandra for production ? Implementing in some different language
like java ? or using thrift library?

I know most of the Cassandra implementations are Java based, so is
that way be preferable ? It's not very easy to go with Java based
application for small companies with less manpower.

I am unable to make an easy decision. Please help me out to make a
more performance-centered decision for the application.

Ertio Lew

P.S. In any case, if you suggest a client option please list any major
implementations of that.

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