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From Arijit Mukherjee <>
Subject quick question about super columns
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2011 06:09:13 GMT

I've a quick question about supercolumns. Say I've a structure like
this (based on the supercolumn family structured mention in WTF is a

EventRecord = {
    eventKey1: {
        e1-ts1: {set of columns},
        e1-ts2: {set of columns},
        e1-tsn: {set of columns}
    }, // end row
    eventKey2: {
        e2-ts1: {set of columns},
        e2-ts2: {set of columns},
        e2-tsn: {set of columns}

If I want to append another "e2-tsp: {set of columns}" to the event
record keyed by eventKey2, do I need to retrieve the entire eventKey2
map, and then append this new row and re-insert eventKey2?


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