I need to store "products" data (product.name, product.price, product.state and product.owner) in Cassandra 0.7 rc1.
The problem is that I need to get "products"  where product.price > XX AND product.price < XX AND product.name = XXX AND product.state = XXX. Also I need return the products with pagination sorted by one of their differents fields (product.name, product.price, product.state or product.owner). This is a for an "advance product search" functionality.
- I know that I can do the WHERE clause with secondary index of Cassandra 0.7 but I can't make the pagination because I don't know how to implement the "previuos" functionality for Row Pagination. (I can use OPP if needed)
- Also I know how to do pagination on columns but I can't do the WHERE clause with more than two fields because the result may be not sorted by the correct field.
Do you have any idea how to do the data model to reach this requirement?

Thank you in advance,

Pablo D. Salgado