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From ArtemGr <>
Subject Re: How to setup a big shared files system
Date Tue, 28 Dec 2010 15:53:52 GMT
nicolas lattuada <nicolaslattuada <at>> writes:
> Of course the data cannot stand on a single server,
> so what would you recomend for these needs?

Run multiple Cassandra instances, one instance per server.

> Is it possible to have multiple cassandras instances
> accessing the same index over a shared file cluster,
> or is it better to do partitionning?

AFAIK, it should be possible
to run multiple Cassandra instances over a POSIX-compatible cluster filesystem,
but this would not be efficient.

> Is  hardware for such a setup expensive?

Take, for example, server4you servers
Your 100 000 Giga bytes / 320 gb * 2 (replication factor) * 1.5 (overhead)
= a thouthand servers? 39000$ / month?

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