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From Peter Schuller <>
Subject Re: Memory leak with Sun Java 1.6 ?
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2010 20:07:21 GMT
>> The stack trace doesn't make sense relative to what I get checking out
>> 0.6.6. Are you *sure* this is 0.6.6, without patches or other changes?
> Oh, sorry, the original poster of this thread was/is actually using 0.6, I am (as mentioned
in other posts) actually on 0.7rc2. Sorry that I didn't point this out once again.

Sorry, my bad. I tend to catch up on the ML:s during transportation
to/from work and is in 'fast sifting' mode ;) Sometimes multiple
people from the same group/org/company posts int he same thread about
the same issue and I thought this was the case here.

In that case, based on the strack trace, I wonder if you're hitting
what I was hitting just yesterday/earlier today:

Which is suspected (currently being tested that it's gone with updated
0.7) to be due to:

If the corruption happens to be slightly different in your case, maybe
it just ends up trying to allocate a large array instead of the
failure mode I got (EOF or bad cfId) on the receiving end.

Can you try to reproduce with the latest 0.7 branch as of today?

It seems very similar in nature at least based on the latest stack trace.

/ Peter Schuller

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