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From mike dooley <>
Subject can't re-insert row after deleting it?
Date Thu, 30 Dec 2010 03:56:49 GMT
things have not been going very well for me today, so maybe there's something
that i'm missing, but here is a little test program that just:

1) inserts a single column in a row,
2) deletes the row,
3) re-inserts the row

but it seems that the second insert fails to actually insert the data. here is the output
of the test program

=== starting
=== inserting row: row-a, value: value-a
=== about to retrieve data
=== got (dummy-col,value-a)
=== deleting row: row-a
=== data not found, as expected
=== re-inserting row: row-a
=== !!!! re-inserted data not found
=== crush all boxes

and subsequent inserts also fail (if you run the program again).

here is the test program

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