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From Benjamin Waldher <>
Subject Sorted Integer -> UUID
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2010 14:33:10 GMT
I have a fairly simple problem that might require a complicated solution.

I need to store Integer -> UUID in a column family, and be able to query 
(and then paginate) the rows ordered by the integer in descending order. 
This is simple enough if no two rows have the same integer, as the 
integer could be a column name which can easily be sorted. However, in 
my scenario, two rows may have the same Integer value. As such, I would 
need to use the integer as the key in the column family. However, this 
means I must use OrderPreservingPartitioner, which is going to cause a 
huge load imbalance on one of my nodes.

How can I have a sorted set of rows of Integer -> UUID where the integer 
may exist many times?

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