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From Roland Gude <>
Subject Streaming Row Ranges
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2010 14:21:51 GMT

In order to access all rows in Cassandra a common pattern is to do multiple range scans and
page through them, starting with the last key from the previous result. This introduces a
lot of (unnecessary) latency. As the client has to read the result extract the last key and
start a new query which Cassandra then has to process.
I think that, from a client perspective it would be nicer in many scenarios just to "ask for
all rows in a cf" and to receive some kind of stream and read the rows one by one from that
stream instead of receiving all rows and then iterating over them (and being limited by the
count of rows). Of course client side libraries could hide the paging stuff, but that would
not improve latency.
Is something like this possible? Is it perhaps already implemented?


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