Not sure how you are reading the data, but try setting the comparator to ASCII or similar. This will tell Cassandra that the column names are strings.


On 19/11/2010, at 4:47 PM, xie jinlin <> wrote:

   I get column value from  cassandra 0.6 as " (column=2WwADF3V3A0A5b, value=1WwACGIHDn0A45, timestamp=1286949750195000))" format
  but get "  (column=2WwADF3V3A0A5b, value=3157774143474948446e30413435, timestamp=1286949750195000))" from 0.7 beta3
  how can I get the column value in human-readable format as like as from cassandra 0.6 in  0.7 beta3



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