Dear all,
       I am learning Cassandra these days, and I found that when I tried to make "thrift --gen erl interface/cassandra.thrift"  I got the following error
[Failure: PATH_TO_HOME_DIRECTORY/interface/cassandra.thrift:303] error: identifier ONE is unqualified!

After some digging, I found that there is an error in cassandra.thrift file in a lot of lines [303, 314, 336, 345 ..] that contains  "required ConsistencyLevel consistency_level=ONE" and this is should be "required ConsistencyLevel consistency_level=ConsistencyLevel.ONE", I changed it in the rest places and now it worked fine.

I found that in the latest release from Apache-Cassandra-0.6.6, I wish that helps in changing it to the right one.

Best Regards,

Abd El-Fattah Mahran
Software Developer
Customer Adaptation Center, RMEA
Ericsson Egypt Ltd,