Facebook Messaging – HBase Comes of Age


2010/11/21 David Boxenhorn <david@lookin2.com>
Eventual consistency is not good enough for instant messaging.

On Sun, Nov 21, 2010 at 6:32 PM, Simon Reavely <simon.reavely@gmail.com> wrote:
(Posting this to both user + dev lists)

I was reviewing the blog post on the facebook engineering blog from nov
The Underlying Technology of Messages
by Kannan Muthukkaruppan <http://www.facebook.com/Kannan>

As a cassandra user I think the key sentence for this community is:
"We found Cassandra's eventual consistency model to be a difficult pattern
to reconcile for our new Messages infrastructure."

I think it would be useful to find out more about this statement from Kannan
and the facebook team. Does anyone have any contacts in the Facebook team?

My goal here is to understand usage patterns and whether or not the
Cassandra community can learn from this decision; maybe even understand
whether the Cassandra roadmap should be influenced by this decision to
address a target user base. Of course we might also conclude that its just
"not a Cassandra use-case"!

Simon Reavely